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Lawrence Scott Lowber

hometown: Cordell, OK

education: B.S. Business Administration/Management from SWOSU in Weatherford, OK

current location: Oklahoma City, OK

interests: music, computers, hockey

instruments played: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, & drums

most prestigious gigs: I played in Jodi Miller's Band (Grammy winning Female Vocalist) for several months.  Did a couple of big KATT World Concerts (sponsored by KATT radio station).  Did a couple of KRXO "Tennis Shoe & Tuxedo" Balls (sponsored by KRXO radio station).  Have played twice for the governor of Oklahoma.  Opened for several popular artists including Foghat, Jon Butcher, War, The Grass Roots, Night Ranger, Joan Jett, The Tubes, and The Sally Taylor Band (James Taylor & Carly Simon’s daughter).

all-time favorite gigs:  "Charlie's Chili" in OKC, "Doc's" in OKC, "Ice House" in McAlester, "ZAK's" in Weatherford, "After The Goldrush" in OKC, "The Elephant Run" in Tulsa, "Sidelines" in Tulsa, "Waldo's" in Enid, "The Boar's Head" in OKC, "The Brink" in Tulsa, & "The Classic Rock Cafe" in OKC.

About Me:

I'm a musician living and working in Oklahoma City.  I love to play music and to perform live.  Music is the driving force in my life.

I was raised in Cordell, OK.  That is where I lived until I graduated high school.  I started playing drums in a rock band called "Ransom" in 1980 in Weatherford, OK.  I switched to guitar in 1984 around the time I graduated from college.  I started playing keyboards around 1985.  I started learning MIDI programming on a drum machine in 1985 and soon bought a sequencer.  I have been deep into MIDI programming since that time.

I did my first solo show around 1986.  I now perform solo at several different clubs around OKC both as an acoustic and electric (one man band type) solo artist and also have my own band (The Scott Lowber Band).  In addition, I still fill in sometimes with a couple of different bands and cover for some friends.  I am also currently writing and recording my first solo CD.  You can hear songs from that CD here:  Scott's music on Soundclick.com

Here is a list of venues that I have played.  Gigs

Here is a full timeline of (almost) all of the bands and people that I have worked with over my now 20 year music career.  Time Line  (if you know someone on the Time Line, please send me an update!)

Besides music, my main loves are computers & hockey.  I spend a lot of time every day on the computer.  It is both a tool and a toy for me.  I have a small studio setup and I use several software programs including Sonar and WaveLab for sequencing and recording.  I create and maintain web sites for several businesses as well as sell guitars and other equipment over the internet.

About The Solo Show:

I can be very versatile with the solo show.  The play list will vary greatly from one gig to another depending on the type on venue.  I clean up nice!

A typical club show would consist of classic rock music by bands like Clapton, Pink Floyd, and The Stones, newer songs by groups like Matchbox 20, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, & U2, some acoustic songs, some electric rock, some electric blues, & some old standards like "Brown-Eyed Girl".

I feel like my song list is diverse enough that I can play most any type of venue from "Background Music Only" (at a very low volume) to a Wedding, Prom, Corporate, or private party requiring a mix of background, dance music, oldies, and slow songs, to a full blown rock and roll show in a bar with full PA and lights.

I really love to play private parties!  I have set up in the tiniest of spaces and still had a blast playing for people.  Drop me an email and let me know what date your party is on.  I might make you a great deal!

If you are interested in booking me for any club or event I would encourage you to email or phone me and discuss it.  It is never too early or too late to put a gig on the calendar!  I would be honored to perform for you.

Let's make a gig!

click here to email me

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