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Scott Lowber

I was born Lawrence Scott Lowber in Cordell, Oklahoma.  I lived there my entire life until I went to college at SWOSU in Weatherford, Oklahoma.  I graduated from SWOSU and moved to Oklahoma City (after a brief period in Phoenix & L.A.).  Here is a timeline showing (almost) all of the bands and projects that I have been involved with.

I encourage any one that is either on this list or knows someone who is to email me.  I have made many friends and acquaintances throughout my music career and would love to be in touch with some of them again.

I got my start playing in bands as a drummer.  My very first rock band was called "Ransom".  We played all over Southwest Oklahoma...


February Ransom's first gig at Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Party in OKC


Charles Eddy guitar & vocals
John Jarnagin bass & vocals
James Melton vocals
Scott Lowber drums & vocals
Coby McNaught guitar
May Coby quits, Brian Legate (guitar & vocals) joins Ransom
September Brian quits, Coby re-joins Ransom
October Coby re-quits, Larry Glance (guitar & vocals) joins Ransom

January Larry quits Ransom
March C.D. Glass (guitar) joins Ransom
May Ransom breaks up
August I see Brian Legate at a Jefferson Starship concert & we start jamming again.  We put together some ideas and start writing music for an upcoming "Battle Of The Bands" and a chance to win a recording contract.
December We finish our demos and enter the contest but we don't get selected to play.  We are devastated.


March Brian meets Stacy & Michael Barton (bass & drums) and they begin jamming together.  They call their group "Image" and hire an excellent keyboardist named Rex Bohr.  We all become good friends.
May I join the band "Overload" and we play our first gig in Dodge City, Kansas.


Darrell Munford guitar
Greg Burroughs bass
Randall Peterson guitar & vocals
Scott Lowber drums & vocals
August Randall leaves "Overload" and I join an OKC band named "Canyon"


Robert Birchmier guitar
Reed Birchmier bass & vocals
Robert Reeder vocals
Ron Spurlin keys & vocals
Scott Lowber drums
October Ron quits "Canyon" to join "Legacy" and I return to college at Weatherford.  I also started learning guitar around this time. 

>> email Scott if you remember any of this! <<


May started jamming with a garage band in OKC called "Sabotage"


Dennis Smith guitar
Marvin Norsworthy drums
Troy Nair bass
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
August Sabotage's only gig at Pi Kappa Alpha party in Weatherford
September Dennis leaves Sabotage to join "Intimate Axe".  I join a band in Weatherford (on drums again) called "Onyx" and recruit my buddy Brian to play.


Darrell Munford guitar
Steve Clark bass & vocals
Scott Lowber drums & vocals
Brian Legate guitar & vocals
October Brian quits "Onyx" to join an OKC band called "Trixx"
New Year's Eve Onyx at Duncan, OK in snow storm


February I am starting to enjoy playing guitar more than drums so I form the band "EYP" as a joke to play a Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Party.


Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
David Coates bass
Jody Cunningham guitar
Tim Stephens drums
Tyler Weaver sound tech
David Carstinsen light tech
April Jody quits "EYP".  Kevin Casebeer replaces him.
Summer I graduate college from SWOSU and move to Phoenix.
August I go to L.A. with Cameo Promotions, a Phoenix promotions and marketing company.
October A phone call from my old friend Brian Legate brings me back to Oklahoma.  I relocate to OKC, but we can not find a bassist and eventually I join the cover band "Razer" to help pay bills.


Kenny Kautz guitar & vocals
Jim Lane bass & vocals
Greg Anderson drums  & vocals
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
November I buy my favorite guitar, my Fender Stratocaster from Dale Brasch in Norman.  Over the years, I have modified almost every part of the guitar and had it painted red.  I love this guitar and still play it as my main axe.  I hope it stays with me forever!!


Jan. - May Razer is a regular at "Charlie's Chili" a very popular OKC bar.
May I leave "Razer" to join a garage band that never gets off the ground.  Not the best decision I ever made.
August I am recruited by Greg Anderson to form another band.  I bring along the keyboardist, Chris Kelly, from the garage band.


Greg Anderson drums  & vocals
Chris Kelly keys & vocals
Tommy Hughes guitar & vocals
Mark Dobbs bass
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
September "The Influence" plays our first gig.

February Tommy quits "The Influence" and finally my buddy Brian Legate and I are back in a band together again (only this time I am a guitarist)
March "The Influence" starts playing every Wednesday night at Charlie’s Chili.  It turns into a great house gig.
May I finally receive my Mesa Boogie mkIII guitar amp that has been on order for over six months.  I still have it and it is my main amp to this day!
June Chris' girlfriend forces him to quit music for good.  "The Influence" officially breaks up. 
July Brian & I recruit a few people we know from past projects and bands and soon form "Suspect".


Brian Legate guitar & vocals
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
Mark Holley keys
Reed Birchmier bass & vocals
Jeff Silvers drums
Tom Stotler sound technician
John & Kevin McGuire light technicians
September "Suspect" plays our first gig.
October "Suspect" begins playing at Zak's in Weatherford a couple of times a month.  The response is incredible.  The money was great!
New Year's Eve Charlie's Chili loses it's lease and closes for good after New Years Eve.

>> email Scott if you remember any of this! <<


February Jeff is replaced on drums by a friend of Tom's Danny Bowers.
March Suspect plays "KATT World" a huge show sponsored by a local radio station (KATT) and it is great!  The largest crowd I have ever played for.  I'm hooked for life now!
April Danny wigs out on religion and decides God wants him to screw us over.  He quits without notice less than eight hours before a gig.  I guess he felt "the calling".  (it won't be any of us!)
May After almost two months of no gigs and no rehearsals, I joined some friends of mine from "EYP" who were already gigging under the name of "Sabre Lane".  My soundman friend Tom Stotler also became the band's soundman.


David Coates bass
Kevin Casebeer guitar
Rodney Frizzell drums & vocals
Danny Lowrance vocals
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
Tom Stotler sound technician
August I find out from an outside source that Danny & I have been fired by "Sabre Lane" when I get a call from another band looking to hire me.  A routine call to Casebeer (to laugh about it) confirmed that it was true.  They fired the lead singer and myself and replaced us with Coates' girlfriend.
September I buy my first sequencer, a Roland MC-500.  I begin to sequence songs for my new band "Allies".  I develop a song list and start booking gigs before I even have bodies in the band.
October After Sabre Lane finally broke up, I contacted and convinced Rodney to form "Allies" with me.

ALLIES: (note: remember this line up!)

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Rodney Frizzell drums & vocals
Craig Wetz bass
New Year's Eve "Allies" plays first gig at The Unicorn in Clinton, OK


March "Allies" plays at KATT World and we are a big hit.  Gigs start to come in and we stay booked up for the rest of the year.
May Rodney informs me that he is going to quit the band to form another band with Kevin Casebeer.  He is going to play out three months of gigs though.  Pretty nice of him.
August Rodney and Kevin approach me with the idea of replacing Craig with Kevin on bass instead of Rodney quitting.
September Kevin plays his first gig with "Allies" and he is a big hit.
New Year's Eve "Allies" plays at Panama Red's in OKC


New Year's Eve After a year of steady gigs in OKC, Enid, Woodward, Elk City, Clinton, Weatherford, and some other Oklahoma towns.  "Allies" plays its last gig at The Unicorn in Clinton, OK exactly two years after we played the first gig.  Ironically, we made less money on this night than we did two years ago.  That was the end of the best band I had put together to this point.


January Hoping to keep the success of "Allies" rolling I hired a couple of brothers.  This was the single worst decision of my entire music career.  I wasted five months of my life dragging down the reputation of a really good band.
May "Allies" finally dies after a slow, lingering illness.
July Mark Holley, who I played with in "Suspect", contacts and recruits me into his band with Craig & Jeff Hanes.  After looking through old song lists and promo material, we decide to call this band "Suspect" (again).

SUSPECT: (ver.2)

Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
Mark Holley keys
Craig Wetz bass
Jeff Hanes drums & vocals
November Jeff quits the band without notice leaving us with gigs on the calendar and no drummer.  He was also the second voice of the band so we were VERY screwed.

We hired a friend of Mark's, Austin Nail, to play drums and sing.  He had to work the whole show up practically overnight and did a great job for us despite the odds that were greatly stacked against him.

New Year's Eve "Suspect" plays at Sipango in OKC.  It was a fun NYE!

>> email Scott if you remember any of this! <<


January "Suspect" breaks up.
February A soundman friend of mine, Lynn Bailey, introduces me to Robin Brookes, a beautiful female vocalist that can actually sing!  We began recruiting other band members and landed some really seasoned local players. 

Robin Brookes Band:

Robin Brookes vocals
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
Lee Norman bass & vocals
Doug Fallis drums
April Although we had a great deal of talent in the band, there was no real chemistry happening.  Doug left the group to play for Jackie Haney and we never really pursued another drummer.  I again started looking for musicians to work with.
May Being a broke musician sure sucked!  I finally took a day job and cut my hair.  (I immediately began growing it back!!)
June I was contacted by a soundman acquaintance to fill in for his band as their lead singer had left them with no notice and gigs on the calendar.  That band was called "Eleven".


Mark Latham guitar
Kyle Ferguson bass
Brett Watkins drums
Chris ??? keys
Scott Lowber vocals


April Started jamming with Kyle Ferguson & Eddy Crimm (drums).  We called the band "Psycho X", named jokingly after ex-girlfriends.

Psycho X:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, vocals
Kyle Ferguson bass
Eddy Crimm drums & vocals
October Eddy quits band, moves to Nashville, Psycho X breaks up.


March Kyle, Rich (a drummer), and I start playing a house gig at "KIX on 66" in OKC.  Brett Watkins replaces Rich and we call the band "Frame by Frame".  Rotating drummers ensued with several drummers replacing Brett including PJ Brown, Bill Nicar, Russell Hinton, & Andy Moore.
November Brett returns to "Frame by Frame"

Frame by Frame:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, vocals
Kyle Ferguson bass
Brett Watkins drums
New Year's Eve "Frame by Frame" plays at KIX on 66


February Kevin Casebeer joins Frame by Frame
May Brett quits again and "Frame by Frame" breaks up.
July Tired of trying to keep other people together, I buy a small PA system from Larsen Music on credit and play my first solo show at Shutterbug's on N. Western in OKC.  It goes great and the response is very encouraging.  I begin booking my solo show all around town.  The solo act was the best idea I have ever had!
October I began playing solo weekly at "Brothers" restaurant in Norman.  I started on Tuesdays and soon moved to Thursday nights every week.
New Year's Eve I play NYE at "Shutterbugs" in OKC.  The same place that gave me my first gig.  Lots of old friends came out and it was great fun!!

>> email Scott if you remember any of this! <<


Performed weekly throughout the year at "Brothers" in Norman and "The Outfield" in OKC.  Also played in Weatherford, Elk City, "Hooters" in Tulsa, "Hooters" in Norman.  


April I join "The Push".  An established and successful OKC band.  We play all over OKC & Tulsa.  It was an excellent opportunity to work with some older and more experienced musicians.  It also provided an opportunity for me to play keyboards more than ever in the past.  I learned a lot from these guys and consider them all good friends to this day.

The Push:

Mike Macy guitar & vocals
Rik Berryman bass & vocals
Ron Morrow drums & vocals
Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
New Year's Eve "The Push" at Woody's in Tulsa.


New Year's Eve After a pretty steady year of gigs playing mostly in Tulsa but also at a few clubs in OKC, "The Push" play at Woody's in Tulsa again on NYE.


 Continued performing throughout 1997 and 1998 with "The Push".

May Rick quits the Push.  He is replaced by Pat Doyle.
June "Shag" plays first gig at Cafe Paseo in OKC
July Mike hires his girlfriend Dori Richardson to sing for "The Push".  We work up a bunch of retro (disco) songs.
November Pat gets drunk and quits "The Push" with no notice.  I call my old friend Craig Wetz to fill in for him.
December "The Push" has to play an important gig with no bassist.  I sequence my ass off for a week before and it goes really well, considering.  The owner doesn't like the new look with disco songs, new girl singer, and sequenced bass, so we lose some credibility there, but getting the bass line sequenced on all the songs helps out a couple of more times in future gigs.  I had a good time that night in spite of it all.
New Year's Eve Private Party at OU Student Union in Norman, OK


February Craig joins the Push full time.
November I give notice to the Push that I will no longer commit to full-time.  I am going to pursue my solo gigs again. 
December I play through the end of the year and with only a couple of conflicting gigs coming up to book around, I continue to play with Push full-time.
New Year's Eve "The Push" at the Ice House in McAlester, OK.  Really good time.


January To enhance the sequenced solo show I add an acoustic guitar and start working up solo acoustic songs.  The list comes along really fast and I am excited about getting out and playing these songs!
February 14 I play my first solo show in over three years at The Classic Rock Cafe in OKC.  It goes great!  I was well rehearsed and the crowd was incredibly nice.  So was the staff!  Looking forward to things from here on!!!
March - April I start playing every Monday at Classic Rock Cafe.  It is a small crowd every week but it gives me a chance to get out and play the solo show.
April Mike and Dori from "The Push" get married!

I start to get more solo shows booked but continue to stay booked with the Push through wedding season.  I play at Lumpy's on NW Xway for the first time and it goes great!!
May Dori drops out of "The Push" because she is too pregnant!  |)
September Dori returns to the band after giving birth to their son "Hunter" and we have one final gig at "Rumors" in OKC.  It was a fun night with several of our friends there but all in all it was a pretty anti-climactic end to my almost five year affair with "The Push".  We ended on good terms and are all friends and wish each other the best.
October I audition and begin playing for Bahama Breeze Restaurant, a new chain opening a branch in OKC.  I pass the audition and start playing there.  I have to work up an almost entirely new song list because of the "Island Resort Music" format.  I really like the music though and the gigs are going great...  I could do this for quite a while and be very content!
December Still playing at Bahama Breeze two or three times a week and also at Lumpy's & The DugOut.  Christmas season was good and I played some good private parties.  Still looking for a New Year's gig??? 


January No NYE gig for the first time in a long while. (bummer)  Still playing at Bahama Breeze on the average of twice a week.  It is a lot of fun and I'm still adding songs.  I have put into motion the process of starting up a new band.  We'll see how that goes!

I get a lot of "last minute" gigs in January including two weekends at Bahama Breeze and an EXCELLENT private party.  It turned out to be an excellent start to the next century!

February The big news this month was that I have put the new band together!!  I got in touch with Rodney Frizzell, who I worked with for over three years in Allies & Sabre Lane.  Rodney and I were both excited talking about getting out and playing together again.

In hindsight, I wish I'd never made contact with him.  Four years later he would wind up a worthless crystal meth junkie who stole $1000 worth of lights from me, got me fired from my Blues Saloon gig, then repeatedly burglarized my house until I finally video taped him and had him arrested.

The Scott Lowber Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Rodney Frizzell drums & vocals
Rodd Cole & Jason Stacy bass
March Still playing twice a week solo at Bahama Breeze and that is going great!  What a great gig!

The band played our first show at Bennigan's on St. Patrick's Day.  It was a great start as everyone really responded well to the music.  We are very encouraged about the future!  I've got more gigs on the calendar for the band and I can't wait to get out and play them!

April I still love Bahama Breeze!  What a blessing that gig is!  The solo show is definitely keeping me busy and I like it!

The band has been rehearsing a lot and getting tighter every practice.  We still haven't found a permanent bassist but I haven't been in any rush since the fill-in guys I am using are very competent.  Some of the gigs I have booked over the summer really have got me fired up.  I can hardly stand the wait between band gigs!
October The summer went by really fast!  I stayed busy with both solo and band gigs and the future looks bright!  I have been auditioning lots of bassists and it has been really cool to just take our time and find the right guy.  In the meantime I have several friends who have been filling in on bass and we haven't missed a beat!

My buddy Craig Wetz, who still plays for "The Push", did a couple of gigs with us and that was a reunion of "Allies".  Craig, Rodney, & I started that band in October of 1987.  It was really fun to play with him again, too bad he's in another band :)

Bahama Breeze is still an excellent solo gig.  It has been a year now since I started playing there and the venue, staff, & entire business is a joy to work for.  I am very thankful for that gig!

New Year's Eve "The Scott Lowber Band" at The Greens Country Club in OKC.  Kind of a mellow start to the new year but we made excellent $$$$!!!!


January Beginning New Year's Eve Craig joins us full time and we start rehearsing and sounding better than we ever have!  He was definitely the missing piece of our puzzle!!

The Scott Lowber Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Rodney Frizzell drums & vocals
Craig Wetz bass & backing vocals
April The year is flying by as I am staying booked both solo & with the band.  I have started writing some songs and hopefully we can get them on disc soon (remember when we used to say "on tape"?)  Craig is fully worked in and we are booked up into the summer!
July Starting on the first week of July, Craig and I start playing on Sunday afternoons with the blues band "Anything Goes" at Danny's Blues Saloon.  It is an outdoor BBQ and jam session so some of the best players in town come out there to sit in with us.  It is really a treat and I learn a lot playing the blues with the pros!  Later in the month we start doing Thurday nights at Hollies as well.  Between the solo shows, "The Scott Lowber Band", & "Anything Goes", I finish the month with like 12 gigs in the last 15 days!  A good month!!!

SLBand also helped open a new club in Bricktown called "The Blue Duck Saloon".  It was an excellent first night and we have lots of gigs on the calendar for August and September now!!

August I stop doing the Thursdays at Hollies but remain available to that band as a fill-in on that night.  I continue to do the Sunday afternoons at Danny's and that is a lot of fun.

The SLBand is playing a lot!  We play at "Catcher's" in Yukon for the first time and it goes great!  We get called back the following week and get several more dates on the calendar.  Another regular gig!

We  finish a successful summer of gigs at Carlotta's on Labor Day weekend and everything goes great!  They talk to us about playing both Friday & Saturday nights next summer.  **KEEP THESE GIGS COMING!!**
November The Sunday Blues Jam at Danny's has been so successful that we moved it inside and continued it into the Fall and Winter months. 

Between the "Island Groove" at Bahama Breeze, the Classic Rock and New Rock in The Scott Lowber Band, and the Blues on Sundays, I am really enjoying the wide variety of music that I am playing right now.


January Things are going great!!  I'm playing solo at Bahama Breeze on every Wednesday and a couple of weekend nights a month!   They are really great to me there and pay me well, I love that gig!!

The band is really doing great and we have added a couple of new clubs to our rotation.  Our mailing list is getting really large and it is reflected by all the familiar faces we see at our different gigs.  We feel really lucky to have a loyal group of fans coming out to all of our shows!

Also in January "The Blues Saloon" (formerly "Danny's Blues Saloon") made some changes to their Sunday band.  Craig & I had been playing as hired fill-ins for the house band "Anything Goes" since early summer.

They basically removed "Anything Goes" and hired Craig, Rodney, & I, along with our buddy Kenny Clampitt on keys & harmonica and TJ Austin on guitar to play the jam every Sunday.

The Sunday Blues Band:

Scott Lowber guitar & vocals
Rodney Frizzell drums & vocals
Craig Wetz bass & backing vocals
Kenny Clampitt keys, harmonica, &  backing vocals  
TJ Austin guitar & backing vocals  
March The Scott Lowber Band begins hosting a jam night on Tuesdays at Classic Rock Cafe.  It is a tough night to build a crowd on but we get lucky and things take off right away.  Lots of good jammers are coming out and the sound and PA are working great!

We hire a forth person to play with us every week and it is always fun!  Among the guests we regularly have on stage are:

Tim Newcombe - Guitar, Sax, & Vocals
Smokey Hondolero - Saxophone
Kenny Clampitt - Keys & Harmonica (from the Sunday band)
TJ Austin - Guitar & Vocals (from the Sunday band)
Bob "Spacedog" Moore - Bass & Vocals
Chris Ellerd - Guitar, Bass, & Vocals
Steve Paul - Guitar & Vocals
Jackie Haney - Guitar & Vocals
Chebon Tiger - Guitar & Vocals
Brad Binge - Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums, & Vocals

....and lots more who I only know by first names...

April We celebrate two years together as a band!  We are happy with the progress we have made over the last two years.  We've got most of the equipment we have wanted and the gigs are coming in consistently.  The Scott Lowber Band is playing at a lot of venues around town and more prospects keep popping up.  I feel really lucky to be a part of all this.
May The Sunday Jam band moves back to the outdoor stage for the summer season.  It has been excellent out there so far and it should be that way all summer.

We also start another summer of gigs at Carlotta's on Lake Texoma, one of our favorite gigs!  Summer looks bright!!

June We are surprised by the closing of Classic Rock Cafe which brought an end to our weekly Tuesday night gig.  The ABLE Commission really laid into them for back taxes.
September After being closed all summer, Classic Rock Cafe reopens but they don't hire us back for Tuesdays.  Oh well, that's show biz... They did give us a few weekend gigs though so everything is fine ;)
October We are really lucky to be booked at the grand opening of (the new) Fritzi's in OKC.

This month marks my three year anniversary at Bahama Breeze.  I'm still very grateful for that gig!

November We finally got back into Classic Rock Cafe again and did really well.  They gave us three more dates on the calendar in 2004 and promised us a steady rotation spot.
December Well the axe finally dropped on me!  After three years of steady work at Bahama Breeze they decided to do away with live music during the week.  That means my every Wednesday gig is no more :(

Oh well, that's show biz!  Time to get the promo together and knock on some doors again!  I play my last gig there on Dec. 27.

I have been in the studio a lot this month.  Good original material is coming out of it.  It has been a really fun experience.  Terry "Big Daddy" McCann is producing.

"Big Daddy" invited me out to come sit in with his band on NYE.  I thought I'd be playing at Bahama Breeze that night (Wednesday) so I didn't have a gig.  It was a great time and I got to play with Mike Sommers (bass) and James Keys (drums), two of my favorite local musicians.


January We continue to host a blues jam at The Blues Saloon every Sunday from 4-8:30 and the jamming is a lot of fun.  The people out there are great including most of the staff.
April After a relatively slow start to this year, things picked up drastically all of a sudden.  I started doing the solo show every Wednesday night at Cheers in OKC.  It's an "All Acoustic" show (just the opposite of Bahama Breeze).  I really enjoyed it and added a LOT of songs to my list.  It lasted for about five weeks and gave me an opportunity to really interact with a small crowd.  I had a couple of friends show up and sit in.  That was a really fun gig!.
May I get really lucky and land a six week gig at Russell's in the OKC Marriott Hotel every Thursday night.  It is a great gig and a great opportunity to get both my solo act and my band in the door and on their regular rotation.  It is a really fun and pressure-free gig.  The staff is excellent and we all get along great!  I am looking forward to many more gigs in Russell's!

The band also started playing again at Carlotta's Cantina on Lake Texoma.  It was great to get back down there again and what a wild couple of weekends we had!! What a great summer gig, we are so lucky to have it!!

September We finish the summer's worth of gigs at Carlotta's and they are all crazy!  What a fun place.  We are still playing the blues jam every Sunday and the turnout is great!
December I play a private party for a bunch of old friends and we have a great time!  I got to see friends and family that I hadn't seen in quite a while!  The Blues Saloon is our main gig right now although we've been playing a few other places.  Gigs are tough to find in this town, not impossible though!


January Still playing at The Blues Saloon a lot and hosting the Blues Jam every Sunday from 4-8:30. 
February I went down to Austin to audition for Rockstar:INXS, a Mark Brunett produced TV show that will cast the next lead singer for INXS.  It was a great learning experience but I didn't make it on the show.

On this Austin trip I met (for the first time) and was able to spend a couple of days with, my mother, 1/2 brother, and 1/2 sister that are all from Austin (sis is in Dallas now).  It was a great trip all around and will certainly stand out as a huge moment in my life.

March St. Patrick's Day marks the four year anniversary of "The Scott Lowber Band".
May We start playing again at "Carlotta's Cantina" on Lake Texoma.  Mike Mays plays bass for us down there and does a great job!  It goes great, as always!
June Rodney has become a total mess.  Meth and his extra marital affair with another junkie have made him basically useless to Craig and I.  It all comes to a head when Rodney's girlfriend gets barred from the place we are playing and he walks out on us fifteen minutes before show time leaving us without a drummer.  Our good buddy Mike McCraw steps in and doesn't miss a beat (get it?).  So many issues were popping up with Rodney that him walking out on the band just saved me the trouble of firing his ass.

Just when I think I'm finally rid of Rodney and his B.S, he steals $1,000 worth of lights from me.  I guess you gotta feed that meth habit somehow.  Craig and I are both glad to be rid of him.  It's a shame when someone you care about turns into a totally worthless lump of flesh.  The worthless lump of flesh kept breaking in my house and robbing me after this, I finally had him arrested after catching him in the act on video.  You can see the video and hear the song that I wrote about the experience on this page.

July I play the Cordell High School Reunion and it was great!  Lots of old friends and a few new ones!

I meet Tony (guitar) and Bob (drums) Gorley and agree to play some shows with them at The Windjammer Club in OKC.  It never develops into anything but we have a good time for a couple of weeks.  They are good players, who knows what the future holds...

I get to play on the Zoo Amphitheater Stage opening up for Foghat, War, & Joan Jett!  Unfortunately this pisses off the queen of The Blues Saloon and I get fired from that gig.  Oh well, that's show biz, I'm glad to be out of there.  I was underpaid anyway ;)

At this show I reacquainted with Craig Starnes, a guitarist and programmer who shows me a new guitar he is working on called "The Fretlight".  He recruits me to do some programming and it is good side money to have right now.  Check the guitar out at the web site http://www.fretlight.com

August The Scott Lowber Band plays two nights at The Alley Club.  I have Mike Mays on bass and Mike McCraw on drums.  We are well rehearsed and sound great!  We have lots of new songs and everybody likes it!  Saturday is my birthday and we have a big bash!!

We also play at Remington Park for the first time and it goes really well!

I also get a gig hosting a weekly acoustic jam at Bora Bora Classic Rock Cafe on Tuesdays.  Its a very fun gig and I get to work every Tuesday with my friend Barbara (of "Barbara & Jeff" former bartenders at Blues Saloon).

September I come up with the idea of putting on a benefit show at Bora Bora to help out Hurricane Katrina victims.  It snowballs into a two day, twenty band event.  We raised a lot of money and we were all very pleased with our efforts when the weekend was done!!
October I continue to host the Tuesday acoustic jam at Bora Bora Classic Rock Cafe as well as playing regularly with the band.

I've used a lot of players during the course of the band and called in quite a few of them lately including drummers Mike McCraw, Jeff Wesner, Tim Stanford & Wayne Duncan.  My friends Craig Wetz or Mike Mays have played all the shows on bass.

November I start playing at The Landing Zone in Midwest City every Wednesday night with Bob & Tony Gorley for "Rock & Roll Night".  The staff is awesome and the crowd is a lot of fun!
December I'm still playing the acoustic jam on Tuesdays at Classic Rock Cafe and "Rock & Roll Night" on Wednesdays at The Landing Zone with Bob & Tony Gorley.  I'm very happy when we hire my buddy Craig Wetz to play bass for us in mid-December!

I play quite a few solo shows including Some Beaches in Maysville and The Main Street Bar & Grill in Cordell (my Dad's bar!).  I play a private party solo for New Year's Eve.


January Classic Rock Cafe announces that they will be closing for good next month, soon to become an "Advance Auto Parts".  No more acoustic jams on Tuesdays :(

"Rock & Roll Night" Wednesday at The Landing Zone comes to an end.  I'm sad about it because I loved playing there with Bob & Tony Gorley, especially after we added Craig. :(  I'll stay in touch with them, those guys are too good to lose contact with!

The Fretlight guitar has really taken off since Christmas.  I am getting a lot of songs to program and so I decide to take a little time away from gigging to concentrate on turning out songs for the Fretlight.  I really believe in the future of this company and I am proud to be a part of the team!

I'll still play a couple of times a month but I'm just not going to be calling all over trying to book myself solid six nights a week.



I've had a lot of off weekends the last month or so.  It feels weird to be off on the weekend!  I guess I'm a full time Fretlight programmer now!  The future looks bright but the present is still kinda dim ;)   A few last minute gigs really help this month!!

I get a call from an old friend Dennis Smith, who I played with briefly in 1983 in the garage band Sabotage.  His band (Dirty Money) needed a drummer for the coming weekend to play at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami.  They had just bought a brand new set of Yamaha DTXtreme IIS electronic drums.  They were AWESOME to play!!!  I had a great time playing drums that weekend and am booked to do some more shows with them in the coming months.  It's cool to keep the drum chops up!!



I start playing every Tuesday night at Lumpy's of OKC doing an acoustic jam night, like I did at Classic Rock Cafe.  I love that place and have been playing there since my days in The Push.  It's a great sounding room and the staff treats me great.

I get off to a strong start and I'm optimistic about the future there. I think I can turn it into a great Tuesday night event!

The Scott Lowber Band has been rehearsing and I've got quite a few band gigs coming up.  I hired Jeff Hanes, who I used to play with in Suspect, to play drums for me.  Jeff sings and plays great  The new lineup is now:

The Scott Lowber Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Mike Mays bass & backing vocals
Jeff Hanes drums & vocals
August-October The Fretlight programming is keeping me busy and I'm really looking forward to the future of this product!

Mike Macy, from The Push, calls me and offers me a couple of gigs filling-in for him with The Push at The Alley Club.  I played with The Push for about five years so that was a lot of fun!  The shows went really well and we all enjoyed playing together again.

Jeff had some conflicts with several upcoming gigs so I got Ron Morrow from The Push to fill in for those gigs.  It worked out nicely using those two for all the shows.  There were also two shows that Mike Mays had a conflict with and Chris Ellerd filled in on bass for him.

I continue to pinch myself to see if this is real... I'm lucky to have these excellent musicians to play with.

October My home had been burglarized several times over the course of the last year.  I suspected that it was my former drummer and ex-friend Rodney Frizzell, who was now a full-blown worthless meth junkie and apparently a thief too .  I set up a security camera and caught him red-handed.  Here's the link to the video:

Part One:

Part Two:

November I've relocated to Yukon.  I like it here, it's more secure ;)  Check my contact page for my new phone number.  My email will always stay the same!

Now that I'm settled in I plan to concentrate on booking more shows.  Future looks bright! (have I typed that already?)

December We started practicing with Ron and worked up several new songs...  It was an excellent way to end the year!  We had good gigs all month :D  We started the month at The Alley Club and had one of our best gigs of the year!  We finished December off with three nights at Cee Gees including New Year's Eve and it was a major blowout!  We had some great gigs there this year and this was probably the best one!  I booked two more weekends in the upcoming months and we are looking forward to them!


The Scott Lowber Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Mike Mays bass & backing vocals
Ron Morrow drums & vocals
January I'm very thankful for where I'm at right now as we begin a new year.  I sincerely thank you all for your support!  The band is sounding better than it ever has now with the addition of Ron Morrow.

We've played at a couple of new places and I've got more gigs on the horizon.   After a year of just "letting the clubs call me", I'm motivated to go knock on some doors and book some shows again!  I'm really liking how we sound! :D

I'm still doing Fretlight programming.  I haven't got rich at it yet but it sure HELPS WITH THE BILLS!!!  I'm a lucky guy!


The Scott Lowber Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, keys, & vocals
Mike Mays bass & backing vocals
Ron Morrow drums & vocals
March I finish my home studio and start recording some of my originals.  Results are here.

The band plays two weekends on and two off.  Then I get a call from old friend Charles Eddy asking if I could take a two week fill-in gig with a Country/Southern Rock band named Coupe DeVille.

April Coupe DeVille is booked solid and they offer to make me a member so I guess I'm in two bands now!!
July Coupe DeVille is playing some great paying gigs, they are great musicians, with great gear, and a great sound.  I've never played many Country licks in my life but it is a great learning experience.  It reminds me of when I learned the Island Music style to get the gig at Bahama Breeze, or playing the blues!  You just gotta feel it and it all comes to ya!

Coupe DeVille:

Gary Curry guitar & vocals
Darrin Miranda drums & vocals
Bob Cook bass & vocals  
Scott Lowber guitar & vocals  

I sold my first CD this month!  I had a batch printed for my gig at the annual Cordell Pumpkin Festival and sold about 12 CDs during my gig.  It is really nice to make the extra money at a gig and it gives me a great feeling to know that people enjoyed my music enough to want to take it home with them...  Really a great feeling!!

December Coupe DeVille plays a monster gig NYE at Spurs in Elk City as well as booking two or three weekends a month there.  They also play at a few other great clubs and they are keeping me busy on the weekends.  I booked my Solo show for every Thursday night at Spurs, to start in the New Year, so I am looking forward to doing that!


January I started playing solo every Thursday at Spurs and it is going excellent!  The crowd is slowly building and it has been some of the most enjoyable shows I have ever done.  The staff (of super hot women!) treats me great, pays me well, and the customers have been very generous to the tip jar!  I've got a LOT of new solo songs worked up and I have over 200 songs to draw from now including a wide variety.

Coupe DeVille has a lot of great gigs lined up for the year and I am enjoying someone else doing the most of the booking for a change :)  Gives me a chance to just concentrate on booking the solo show and playing music.  Well, and programming Fretlight songs!


I meet and am recruited by a church in Clinton to be their Music Director.  It was great opportunity to get out of the bar scene and do something productive.  I took the job and it turned out to be the best gig of my life!  I play guitar and lead the praise band during service, direct the choir, and lead the hymns.  It's a very different gig but the people are so appreciative and they treat me great.  I really love my job, my house in Clinton, and my life!

I did have to quit Coupe DeVille though.  They were understanding and we all remained friends.  I still do some fill-in gigs for them occassionally when they need it.

October Again I played at the annual Pumpkin Festival in Cordell.  I always enjoy going back to the hometown for the biggest event of the year.  I sold about 20 CDs and got to see some friends that I haven't seen in years!
December No NYE gig for the first time in a long time!!  I'm happy to stay in!  :D


February Played a private party for Valentine's Day.  Had a great time and it sounded really good!
June Bought my Taylor ES-435 Acoustic Guitar.  SWEET!!
July I played for my High School's "All Classes" reunion.  It was a huge event in the city park at Cordell.  I got to see a LOT of people I have not seen in YEARS!  It was a lot of fun but I didn't sound as good as I wanted to, they still liked it though  ;)
October Played the big annual Pumpking Festival (solo) in Cordell and it went great!  I had my friend Kristi Flies singing with me for about half the set.  Kristi sings in the church band and choir with me and she has a fantastic voice.  Everyone loved it!

Later that month I played a private Halloween party that was a LOT of fun!!!
New Year's Eve Private Party.  Lots of fun!


January Not playing as much and actually having a steady paycheck coming in has led to a serious case of G.A.S.  That is a musician's disease.  It stands for "Gear Aquisition Syndrome" and it means you can't stop buying gear.  Over the last year I've aquired two guitars, two amps, a new mixer, a new guitar processor, new van, new stage lights, a studio PC interface, and lots of small stuff!  Life is fun!!

I have been jamming with a couple of different bands but nothing serious has come from it.  I just like getting out and playing with people.

I play solo about once a month and I fill-in for a couple of bands every now and then.

I have some session time scheduled for some late nights next month.  I'm really looking forward to using some of the new gear in the studio!


Went into the studio and got a great recording. You can listen to it on my music page on this site.


Had some good Christmas parties but no NYE gig for a change. It was a pretty good year but the best is yet to come!


April Still working as Music Director at the church. I continue to play gigs with Coupe Deville as well as some solo shows at clubs across SW Oklahoma.

Some great Xmas party gigs and and a great private party for NYE!


January Still working as Music Director at the church. Not playing much with Coupe Deville as I'm playing a lot more solo shows now.
June David Coates, Kevin Casebeer, & myself had a little mini-reunion of Sabre Lane at The Office Club in Weathrford. The turn-out was great and we all had an awesome time! I hope we do it again someday!
September I'm working at the church still but playing a lot of solo shows. Kevin Casebeer comes out and sits in with me occaissionally at a club in Elk City.

It was a good year of solo gigs and some great Xmas party gigs. I also got a chance to play a few gigs, including NYE, with my old friends Mark Holley and Chris Morley and their band The Notes at The Martini Lounge in the Boulevard Steak House in Edmond!

The Notes:

Cora Brinkley-Gutel vocals
Mark Holley keys, guitar, & vocals
Chris Morley bass & vocals  
Ryan Lassiter drums  


March I continued to play solo and once or twice a month for The Notes.
June I finally lose the church gig but I was ready to get out of that place! Moving back to OKC to see if I can play music full time.
August Moved back to OKC and started looking for solo gigs. I'm playing a couple of times a month with The Notes, doing a few solo shows, and filling in for a few bands where I can.

I filled in at Friend's Club in OKC and the owner hired me full-time. I started playing a few different schedules but then landed on a pretty good rotation. I played every Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday and every other Friday & Saturday. That worked out really well since I could still book my solo show every other weekend. I got my old friend Craig Wetz hired there shortly after me and it was a good gig for awhile! I started off playing guitar every night but after Craig was hired, I moved to drums on Wednesday and Sunday jam nights and that was a really good deal for me. I had been practicing drums the entire time I lived in Clinton and having a "twice weekly" gig to help get all my drum chops back was a real blessing!

Another cool thing about Friends was that I got to play with Rick Toops on keys. I always wanted to play in a band with Rick so it was a real treat to finally get to!

December Played a lot of good gigs towards the end of this year. Had a great New Year's Eve gig at Friends!



I continue to play in the house band at Friends Club 3-5 nights per week (3 weeknights weekly plus every other weekend). I'm playing drums two nights per week at the club's Jam Nights. I am really enjoying playing drums!! Unfortunatley, the guitar part on the weekends is starting be a real drag.

I play solo somewhere every other weekend and it is making me a lot more money than the band gigs at Friends are. Lots of bitching and complaining going on in the band too. It stopped being fun and I probably checked out around this time.


June I continued to play solo at other clubs and 3-5 nights per week at Friends until June 2015, when I was fired. I was a little concerned about it and a little worried about the future but I had no idea what a blessing that firing was! I was spending way too many nights out there, dealing with too much B.S., and getting way too little pay for it! Lots of good memories to take away from that gig but lots of B.S. to forget about. I guess that is probably the case with any gig and any job though! Ce le vie!
September I start playing every Thursday night at Turek's Tavern in Choctaw. It is a great place, connected to a very nice German restaurant. They have a BBQ special every Thursday and a great beer selection. I love this gig!

Continued to play at a lot of clubs in OKC. The solo show is doing very well. Everyone seems to like it and I am able to stay fairly booked up. There is still room for improvement in 2017 though, I think I will put a band together!!

I finished off 2016 playing NYE at Classic's Bar & Grill in OKC. I used to play there in a couple of different bands and it has been a great solo gig for me this year! We had a great night and I look forward to a lot more great shows there!



Staying moderately well booked and the year starts off great. I put a new "Scott Lowber Band" together with some great musicians but it just wasn't on the same level with the music that I was making in the solo show and the payoff wasn't there so we disbanded after just a few gigs.


Played Castle Falls again for Valentine's Day. It's a great gig! Still doing Turek's Tavern on Thursdays.


My solo show was getting more and more about playing requests and I came up with the idea of putting a QR code on the back of my business card that you can scan with your phone, pulling up my song list, making it easy to request songs. That was a great idea and it has been very successful!

Try it!:
QR Code

March I played for the first time at Half Time Sports Grill in south OKC (Wheatland). It goes really well and it becomes a regular gig for me for the next several years!
September Hit a really rough spot where I had trouble staying booked. Lost a couple of regular gigs and had lots of weekend nights off in September and October. Fortunately, it all got back on track by the end of the year!
December Finished up the year doing some great Xmas party gigs! Played NYE at Half Time Sports Grill!



Played Castle Falls again for Valentine's Day. Sadly, this is the month that my regular gig at Turek's Tavern on Thursdays came to an end. I really loved that place and it's owners. They treated me fantastic over the years!

Also in February I played at The Cove Club solo for the first time and it went really well!

March I played for the first time at Okie Tonk Cafe on a Thursday. That was a good recurring gig for a few months.

We had a benefit jam for our friend, drummer David Edde out at Big Dick's Roadhouse. Lots of old friend were there and many of them played. We had a PUSH reunion jam among the other stuff.

I also played for the first time at Louie's on S. Western. It became a good regular gig too!


I filled in on drums for Tyler Lee Band at Hollywood Corners in Norman. It went so well that I played a lot more fill-in gigs with them, and still do!

Also in June I started playing every Tuesday at noon at Potbelly's in Moore and every Tuesday night at The Iron Horse (formerly Bourbon Steet). Tuesdays were awesome for a few months!!

August I started playing drums with Tyler Lee Band, hosting the Monday night jam at Hollywood Corners in Norman. It was awesome and we had a great group of jammers coming out regularly!

Tyler Lee Jam Band:

Tyler Lee guitar, vocals, & bass
Mark Holley keys & vocals
Cliff Belcher bass & vocals  
Scott Lowber drums, vocals, guitar  



We started doing a jam at Iron Horse Saloon on Sundays. It started strong but they moved the time all around and we couldn't make it go more than a couple of months. Still, the musicians were excellent and we were making some great music!

At almost the same time, we got a chance to start up a jam on Wednesday nights (with the same lineup) at Off The Wall Club in Del City. It was also a lot of fun but it was a little more difficult to pull a crowd there. Off The Wall's jam only lasted a month but we lasted until mid-April before the Iron Horse jam died off.

Iron Horse Jam Band:

Scott Lowber guitar, vocals, & drums
Mark Holley keys & vocals
Cliff Belcher bass & vocals  
Forrest Worrell drums  

Played Castle Falls again for Valentine's Day. What a great gig!


Started playing a weekly food truck event in Piedmont for "Tasty Tuesdays". It was a really good gig until school ended in May. Then I lost my crowd and the gig.


The wierdest stuff started to happen to all of my Satuday night gigs. They all cancelled one by one. My Fridays were all solid but someone put a curse on my Saturdays all of a sudden. Oh well, I guess it is time to start taking a deposit for booking a private party.

December Very rough end of the year but I had good gigs at Half Time Sports Grill and NYE at Louie's on S Western to finish the year strong. Looking forward to 2020!!



Still playing the Monday jam at Hollywood Corners with Tyler Lee and Mark Holley. We really have a blast out there every Monday night and make some excellent music! We get to hear some really good young talent too and that is a blessing! I'm very thankful for that gig and those guys!

I still fill-in on drums for Tyler Lee Band occasionally when his drummer can't make it.

The solo show is going very well and it's still my money maker! I played this month for the first time at Bill's Steakhouse. I had been trying to get booked there for a couple of years and I got lucky when the manager showed up at one of my gigs! It's a great regular gig for me now!


Again I played the Valentine's Banquet at Castle Falls. That is such a nice place and I love playing this event every year!!

Playing at a new club in El Reno called Tuxedo Lounge. Really looking forward to this one!

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know some of the names that I forgot
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